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Exporting Schema and Data from MSSQL 2012

I wanted to write a quick post about how I exported my local Funnelweb's database version, mainly so that I can Google/Bing myself later and remember what I did. I could have deployed to my host and do everything there, Funnelweb definitely supports it. However, since I am planning to contribute to this project, I arranged a local set up with Visual Studio, developed my theme and configured all the settings locally.

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Blogging Again

At the beginning of this year I made the goal to come back to blogging, not as a New Year resolution per se, but more as something I have been feeling the need to do. Writing has been very difficult to me. Looking at a white blank page is very daunting for someone that learned English as a second language. However, as a professional developer I have always seen blogging as something missing in my career.

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